NASA successfully launches DART, the “suicide” mission to defend planet Earth from an asteroid [VIDEO]

Historical. The dart ship of NASA, which seeks to divert the trajectory of any asteroid that goes in the direction of planet Earth, endangering all living beings in it, has been successfully launched from the United States, California, thanks to a Falcon 9 rocket from Spacex, which has propelled her in her first stage of a journey that lasted ten months.

The objective is to deviate its orbit thus becoming the la first planetary defense mission of history. It is worth mentioning that DART successfully took off in the early morning of Wednesday, November 24, testing the capacity of the technology in the event that an asteroid heads to our planet Earth.

DART means Double Asteroid Redirection Test and its objective is to modify the trajectory of a small moon of the Didymos binary system. It is a body the size of the great pyramid of Egypt whose name is Dimorphos, the target that will crash in October 2022.

We have received our first signals from #DARTMission, which will continue to deploy its solar panels in the next few hours and prepare for its 10-month round trip to the asteroid, “added the space agency.

It is worth mentioning that, Dimorphos, a “moon” about 160 meters (two statues of freedom) wide, which surrounds a much larger asteroid called Didymos (780 meters in diameter). Together, they form a system that orbits the Sun.

What we are trying to learn is how to deflect a threat“Said NASA chief scientist Thomas Zuburchen in a press conference call about the $ 330 million project and the first of its kind.

Finally, the channel of the POT streamed the launch live through its YouTube platform. The broadcast began at 12:30 am on November 24 (Peruvian time). Here is the video of the launch: