Natalie and Yaco fight again LIVE: “It’s not my fault that you have nightmares with me”

Trouble in paradise? Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi have one of the most solid marriages in show business, but in recent days their fights have been grabbing covers, and they did it again.

A few days ago, the couple fought over their different way of seeing jealousy when giving likes on social networks, and now again they starred in an awkward moment LIVE.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows, this Wednesday, January 5. Jazmín Pinedo had been praising Gamarra after Jefferson Farfán said that he buys there, when Yaco Eskenazi wanted to intervene.

“I love those poles that stretch …”, the former reality boy was saying, without expecting that Natalie Vertiz I would try to help him find the right word to express himself by saying, “Pyma cotton, my love.”

This fact greatly bothered Yaco Eskenazi, who exploded by revealing that his wife would have had a bad dream about him. “Natalie, it’s not my fault that you have a nightmare with me,” he said, annoyed.

Natalie Vertiz She was uncomfortable with her partner mentioning this fact. “Oh no, I dreamed something horrible, horrible,” she said very affected, to which he responded indignantly.

“She has been annoyed with me since the morning as if I had done something on purpose. That happens to you women, that does not happen to me,” he reported. Yaco Eskenazi to the audience.

Jasmine Pinero tried to calm the waters, and here Natalie Vertiz kicked out her husband. “He always gets up annoyed with me and says that I have cleaned him up, I tell him: ‘What are you talking about?'” I say no”

Yaco Eskenazi denies that it is a premonition about the end of his marriage with Natalie Vértiz

Hearing the story of Yaco Eskenazi, the production of More Shows told him that this could be a premonition about the end of his marriage to Natalie Vertiz, and he flatly denied it.

“No no, do not say. It is a sign that we are going to be together forever,” said the former EEG member, to which his partner replied: “We are camouflaged.” Oops!