Natalie confesses LIVE about Gato Cuba’s relationship with Ale Venturo: “They want to be together 24/7”

He confessed everything. The model Natalie Vértiz shocked all the viewers of Más Espectáculos after revealing some details of the sentimental relationship of her best friend Alexandra Venturo with the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. Now, he assured that both are extremely in love.

This Tuesday, January 4, the television host revealed how close she is to the businesswoman. Therefore, the public figure did not hesitate to tell exclusively that his friend and the Cuba cat they don’t want to be separated all day. Let us remember that the new couple even share with their little daughters.

But nevertheless, Natalie Vertiz made it clear that he prefers to keep some details to himself until he shares in person with Peruvian soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. “Tomorrow we will give you more details until we see how the situation is going, we will not be able to know,” he commented at first.

Later, the model stated that she cannot talk with her friend Alexandra Venturo because she stays with the athlete all day and every day. “He has not written to me yet, it seems that they are busy … What I know is that they want to be together 24/7. There is no time for anything,” he revealed.

Yaco confessed that he spoke with Ale Venturo about romance with Gato Cuba: “They must go calmly”

The television host Yaco Eskenazi joined the summer program More shows to comment on some topics of the Peruvian show business and did not hesitate to talk about the saliditas between his friend, the businesswoman Alexandra Venturo and the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. The exhico reality revealed that he spoke with the new outgoing of the Cuba cat and advised him to take his new romance easy because the athlete recently divorced the model Melissa Paredes, who would also be in a relationship.

“I always say that we (Natalie Vértiz) were very lucky to connect in the way we connect, it is not always like that, it does not always happen that way. It is known that at the beginning everything is very beautiful, very magical, but you have to have be careful and we have discussed that, “he said at first.