Natalie shocked after seeing Giselo in Europe: “He lacks some ‘grace’ classes from this little breasts”

Natalie Vértiz, Yaco Eskenazi and Jazmín Pinedo were impressed with the luxurious trip that Edson Dávila ‘Giselo’ has been taking, however, the model thought of giving him a few classes to give him a touch of charm.

After seeing the note, it was Natalie’s husband, Yaco Eskenazi who made fun of the actions of the America Hoy driver: “How can you say that you are hanging on Louis Vuitton’s wifi? hahahaha.”

For her part, the former beauty queen added: “She missed some classes of ‘charm’ (grace, charm) of this little breast, the next time I see you I’ll tell you”, before emphasizing that she was having a beautiful trip.

“How nice it was in Milan, next time we are going to go,” he said afterwards, reminding Yaco that due to work issues, he could not accompany her on her way through Europe some time ago.

Yaco and Natalie reveal details of their dinner with Gato Cuba: “He looks like an intelligent person”

The married couple Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz shocked the viewers of Más Espectáculos after revealing unpublished details of the special dinner at an exclusive restaurant with well-known soccer player Rodrigo Cuba and his new partner Alexandra Venturo.

“It is very early to know what will happen in the future, but what we have seen and makes us feel calmer, well in my case because she is my best friend, there is a lot of chemistry, there is a lot of respect, they have started something nice and I hope it continues to be like that, “Natalie Vértiz said at the beginning.

For his part, Yaco Eskenazi surprised the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba with praise. “He sees himself as a very equanimous person, very stable, very emotionally intelligent and that is very good for Ale because he needs to be with someone like that. They complement each other very well, we have had a great time, we have talked about everything,” he said. .