Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi fight LIVE out of jealousy: “You have a filthy mind”

Fire! Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi are conducting More Shows with Jazmín Pinedo for a few weeks, and they surprised by starring in a LIVE fight out of jealousy.

Everything happened yesterday, Monday, December 3, in the last edition. The ‘Chinita’ asked the couple who was the most jealous, and it was he who acknowledged: “Me, me anyway. (…) If not you are going to put a lapse on me, I better say that I face it. Anyway I, 100%, “he said.

Listening to Yaco Eskenazi, Natalie Vértiz gave him the reason. “Good thing you recognized him. He’s super jealous mega arch, ”she said, not waiting for what he would say next.

The spouses ended up taking the ‘dirty clothes’ on the air, and they starred in a tense moment LIVE, as he told the reasons why his jealousy occurred, and she would not have liked it so much

“I have no choice but to take it as a joke, as a chibolo I was more jealous, but then I matured. With a woman like Natalie you have to accept that you are dominated. (…) Any Peruvian man who was with a girl like her would have to be stepped on, ”he said. Yaco Eskenazi.

“I am jealous, but it is more because I have been a young man. I am suspicious of the rest. I see a ‘like’ from a little friend who doesn’t seem to me to be such a little friend and I ask myself: ‘Why is this little friend putting the like?’ And the day I cross it, I’m going to say to him: ‘Why do you like to distribute like so much?’ “, He added.

Natalie Vertiz he completely distanced himself from Yaco Eskenazi, and assured that he would be exaggerating. “I think that now we live in a different world,” he said, so he asked him: “Can I put a like?”

This bothered the former Miss Peru, who gave her point of view, with a ‘little girl’. “No, but what happens is that you have a filthy mind. A like nowadays I do not consider it to be a reason for a fight “, he pointed out, to which he said:” It depends if it is a photo in a bikini. ” Do you agree?

Natalie reveals that she has known the Cat since she was young: “We did not go to his marriage”

One day before in More Shows, Natalie Vertiz She said that she went to the same parties as Rodrigo Cuba as a young man and that he invited her to his wedding with Melissa Paredes, but with Yaco Eskenazi they preferred not to go.

“Even when he was married to Melissa Paredes, it is not that he knew the Cat Cuba, they invited us to the marriage, we did not go because we were, I think, on a trip, right, my love?”