Natalie Vértiz gets itchy with Yaco for telling secrets LIVE: “How can you say that!”

Yesterday, January 3, Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz were in the television space ‘More shows’, together where they conducted the program giving a touch of freshness to the segment.

During the program they revealed some secrets of Alexandra Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba, who were protected a few days ago and it is rumored that they would be in a relationship, however both would keep it private.

After being together, Yaco and Natalie prepared to have lunch and there the model asked her husband if he likes to drive the same television space with her.

When asked, Yaco confirmed that from 1 to 10 he loves to drive with his wife, however she would be stung by the statements he gives live.

This was confirmed by the exchica reality itself, as she stated that sometimes her husband sends himself with tremendous statements that sometimes turn out to be secrets from them or from their friends.

With a funny voice Natalie confesses that sometimes it makes her want to say: “How can you say that!” To her husband, despite this when the programs are live, there is no way to stop him.

Yaco reveals Natalie ‘stopped the pot’ when she only had one job

Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz were in a new edition of More shows with Jazmín Pinedo, where they revealed that at a certain point in their coexistence, it was the model who had to contribute more economically at home.

“But there was also a time when I was a bit unemployed and Natalie also put in a little because only I had a little girl, but sometimes you must have 2 or 3,” said Yaco and Chinita put up a face for him.

“Sure, you must have at least 3,” she mentioned before Yaco continued: “And Natalie had to put her shoulder for a few months and I never felt like a kept or anything.”