Natalie Vértiz lowers her finger on Yaco’s new look: “Don’t do that to yourself” [VIDEO]

After having seen her new look live, Natalie Vertiz She would not have been very happy to see the change of her husband Yaco Eskenazi in the program ‘More shows’ and it is that when she saw the new hair color, she would have released a singular comment.

The one who revealed what happened was Yaco and that is that his wife insisted that he not change his look because he was already fine as he was, shortly after Jazmín Pinedo asked him why he decided to change his cut and color.

“They told me that if I changed my hair suddenly it would stop cutting, no lie, boring … every so often I get bored with my face, I can’t stand it,” said the television host, unleashing laughter on set.

“I told him that I loved how he was,” Natalie denied before Yaco played her live: “Natalie doesn’t like it, she told me don’t do it, don’t do it, until (I did it) “.

Natalie Vértiz confesses that Yaco asks her up to which shoes to wear

In a fun conversation in the edition of this Wednesday, January 5 in More shows, Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi revealed a fact that left their fans impressed and that is that the model would even choose the clothes that he is wearing.

“Apart from your interrupting me, we are connected in the phrases and in the clothes, it is not that today we have decided to wear the same color, no … today each one chose their wardrobe, casserole”. “She has chosen it,” shouted the production and was supported by China Jazmín Pinedo: “She has planned everything.”

“And I all gilazo asking and she says no, better the brown one”, says Yaco and Natalie added: “And just I was going to put on a brown skirt, but Yaco asks me up to what shoe, I say to him what be my love “.