Natalie Vértiz on Ale and El Gato’s relationship: “If they have been seen in public, it is for something”

In the latest edition of América Espectáculos de America TelevisionNatalie Vértiz gave more details about the relationship between her friend Alexandra Venturo and the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, January 3, the model had already revealed some secrets of the new supposed couple that is shaking the world of the peruvian celebrity.

However, on this occasion Natalie confessed that she did not introduce her friend to the Cuba Cat, indeed, she affirmed that she does not have the pleasure of meeting him, despite this, she sees him favorably.

The wife of Yaco Eskenazi, maintained that her friend would be calm despite not knowing if she is comfortable being exposed in the media, but affirmed that she has allowed herself to be seen with him. Cuba cat it’s for something.

“If they have been seen in public, it is for something,” she said a bit nervous because she did not want to declare more since Alexandra Venturo has been her best friend since they were 6 years old.

Ale Venturo ‘defends’ his romance with El Gato Cuba

Thus, when seeing the social networks of who would be the new love of Rodrigo Cuba , we observe a story where the lady publishes a quote from Gabriel García Márquez who defends love.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez He said: Neither love is a cage, nor freedom is being alone. Love is the freedom to fly together, it is to leave without possessing. And how right in his words ”, it reads.