Natalie Vértiz on Ale Venturo and Gato Cuba: “I have a good eye, my friend is on the right track”

Don’t let go! Natalie Vértiz has been seen on everyone’s lips after Rodrigo Cuba was supported by her friend, Ale Ventura, and she does not stop throwing flowers at both of them.

It all happened again in More Shows, this Wednesday, January 5. The hosts began the program by saying hello, and it was the former reality show who assured that one of the topics they would discuss would be the new couple.

In this regard, Jazmín Pinedo intervened to mention the message that Ale Venturo posted for his detractors, and assured that it would be a hint for Yaco Eskenazi. “There is a phrase that has become viral: ‘It is not a question of time, it is a question of connection’, pa ti pa mi,” he said.

For this, the driver was outraged and called his wife a pimp Natalie Vertiz for talking about the romance of her friend and Rodrigo Cuba. “Natalie Vértiz is the most procurer,” he said.

However, the host defended herself with everything, and assured that Gato Cuba and Ale Venturo would formalize soon. “I have a good eye and I also know my friend, I know where she is going, on the right track,” he said. Oops!

Lourdes Sacín supports Gato Cuba’s romance with Ale Venturo: “I love that he is happy”

Lourdes Sacín used his official account Facebook to send his best wishes to Rodrigo Cuba and his new outgoing, Ale Venturo, as he recalled that he is only trying to get ahead after his divorce from Melissa Paredes.

“Everything seems to indicate that El Gato Cuba and Ale Venturo walk in little outings, because they leave many signs until they put little hearts. They also caught them on New Years together. I love the idea that the Cat is happy, “he said.