Natalie Vértiz proud to be a mother at 22, but highlights: “It’s not easy. It’s the hardest job there is”

Natalie Vértiz is in a good professional moment after showing off in the Red carpet from the Cannes Festival, where she dazzled with a spectacular red dress, and for modeling on the best international catwalks. However, she recently drew attention for coming out in front after the breaking off of her friend Ale Venturo with Rodrigo Cuba.

Now, after the controversy that arose from her statements, the model and wife of Yaco Eskenazi decided to interact with her followers and, through a “question box”, she decided to answer some personal issues that the followers wanted to know. This time, she talked about motherhood and the process she went through after being a mother for the first time at her 22 years.

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Natalie Vértiz considered that being a young mother is not easy and that it is the hardest job of all

Through your official account Instagram, The Peruvian influencer decided to clarify all the doubts of her followers. Therefore, she asked them to ‘talk’. A user asked a blunt question and she answered without hesitation. “Is it easy to be a young mother? Your family is beautiful, a kiss,” the fan questioned.

Instagram Natalie Vertiz

Given this, Ale Venturo’s friend commented: “Thank you for my family. To answer your question… it’s zero easy. The work harder what’s up. To begin with, you must understand that now you not only have to worry about yourself, now a little person is totally dependent on you.”

In addition, she stressed that she was not prepared, but that it was nice to learn and grow with her son. firstborn. “I became a super young mom at 22. I definitely wasn’t ready mentally, but I am grateful every moment for the arrival of my Liam because having a baby that young makes you grow in a matter of seconds,” she said.

“Because I i became a mom, my chip changed. For my babies I am much stronger than I thought, for them I get ahead and everything I do is for and for them, “she added very emotionally, highlighting the strength that her son gives her, like her baby and her husband. she.

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Natalie Vértiz received compliments after wearing an impressive red dress at the Cannes Film Festival

On May 29, Natalie Vértiz appeared at the canne festivals with a spectacular red dress. After looking radiant and not going unnoticed at the international event, users did not hesitate to send her positive messages and praise on her Instagram.

“Too beautiful”, “The best, you should represent Peru again since married women can enter”, “Totally beautiful”, “How so beautiful”, “The most beautiful in the world”, “The most beautiful of all miss “”, “Spectacular as always”, “How beautiful and how much elegance is that A1 beauty”, “Uff, how beautiful”, were some of the comments he received.