Natanael Cano supports new collaborations in the genre

Nathanael Cano is one of the most famous exponents of the lying down corridos, the genre regional mexican that this year has reached the list of the most listened to songs worldwide.

Cano entered the global list of the most listened to songs on Spotify with “PRC”, which he performs with Peso Pluma, other of his most listened songs are “AMG” with Peso Pluma and Gabito Ballesteros, “Ch y la Pizza” with Fuerza Regida and “Bales of bills”.

Added to them are popular songs like “Humble ranch”, “Love lying down”, “The drip”“Exuberant bearing” and “Green bales”.

The music of artists like Cano, which in some cases exalts the use of drugs, excesses and weapons, has reached the ears of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who addressed the corridos in two morning conferences this week.

“We are never going to censor, they can sing what they want,” López said. “But we are not going to remain silent when they say that the tachas (ecstasy pills) are good and that they have a 50-caliber weapon and that their idols are the most famous drug traffickers and that type of corridos with those lyrics aimed at young people.”

The president recommended listening to “Ya supérame” by firm group and the version of “No se va” performed by Grupo Frontera.

“There is no censorship, they can continue producing that music, singing that music, spreading that music freely, but we have the right and it is also the obligation to guide young people or give our opinion that nothing that leads to the consumption of alcohol should not be accepted.” drugs,” Lopez said. “We do not want that empty, materialistic, consumer society that does not care that young people lose their lives with drug addiction; there are so many other ways to be happy.”

Cano was aware of these words when being interviewed in Mexico City regarding the release of his most recent album “Nata Montana”.

“I bring a theme where the president can feel a little identified,” he said without specifying which song. “I really like the president,” added the musician, who pointed out that he has come to greet one of his children. “They are simply rhymes, phrases that were in the air, we picked them up, wrote them, they took shape and I swear we are not going to move them from their place.”

In this year of exploding popularity of the corridos lying down, Cano pointed out that he is happy because they are interpreted with the heart and with quality.

“Right now we have many interpreters in the regional, thank God, luckily, who perfectly interpret what we wanted to hear and they are driving us, both me and those who were already tasting corridos before, it makes us stronger in the end”, said. “Having more people sing the genre helps us and that is what is happening right now, that there are many good interpreters of the regional mexican… Maybe that makes the genre rise ”.

The title of “Nata Montana” is inspired by the song by American rapper Future “Tony Montana”, which has been used as the emblem song of the San Francisco 49ers.

“Everyone goes crazy, the players go crazy and the whole song says ‘Tony Montana,’” he said of the effect this song has. “It stuck with me and then I couldn’t get it out anymore.”

Among the songs on the album, his version of “Mi bello ángel” stands out, an original ballad by América Sierra, which Cano turned into corridos.

“I spoke with the composer,” said Cano. “I asked her for permission and (she) was super excited ‘give it to her, Nata, record it, we’re going to break it’. I changed her entire flow, but she’s lying down”.

It is one of the songs that have a more different rhythm and theme on the album, in which we can see that Cano also gives himself the opportunity to sing about romance.

“Maybe that is the door to another place where Nata can go, that Nata can become a lover, this year or the next,” he said. “I am a fan of love songs. I am 100% loving, if I grab a guitar I am going to sing a love song and it comes out amazing”.

With Junior H he interprets “Eres” and with Featherweight “Pancake”, the second one was written thinking that he would like to send it to his friend and colleague. She was already about to finish the album when he still did not send it, in the end it was decided at the last moment.

“I sent it to him and he put it together, and he sent me back (back) the one from ‘Carnal’, the one that came out on his album,” he said. “It was a share-share, but everything went well for us because in ‘Carnal’ we are breaking on the Peso album and Peso is going to break on the Nata album”.

Cano was born in the city of Hermosillo, in the northern state of Sonora, on March 27, 2001. “Nata Montana” is his eleventh album after productions such as “NataKong”, “A mis 20”, “Nata”, “Las 3 towers”, “Corridos lying down” and “Everything is different”.

In September he will be one of the main artists of the first edition of the Arre Festival in Mexico City.