Nataniel Sánchez celebrates Macarena as Joel’s new interest from “AFHS”: “It’s wonderful”

“You are in all of them” had an interview with Nathaniel Sanchez and talked about issues related to “Al fondo hay sitio” and the artist’s working life in Spain. The renowned actress also referred to Maria Grazia Gamarra and Erick Elera, who have been starring in romantic scenes on the América TV soap opera. As you remember, she played Fernanda, the “eternal love” of Joel Gonzales and her departure from her production caused a great impact on her followers, who still hope to see her again on the screens of channel 4 .

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What did Nataniel Sánchez say about “There is room at the bottom”?

The beloved actress said that she had some conversations with the production of “Al fondo hay sitio”, but she rejected the proposal to return to the series because she had other plans within her career. However, Nataniel Sánchez does not rule out entering the soap opera in the distant future.

“I had a conversation with the channel just when the series was launched because some characters were called for this return; at that time I said ‘no’. Right now I have projects in mind, open things that I am developing, so going to Peru does complicate to shoot the series,” he said.

In addition, he added that he has the best memories of América TV: “I’m never going to say ‘I’m not going to go in any way’ because I don’t know what life will bring. I have no plans to do ‘Al fondo hay sitio’, I’m very happy the success it has now. This project gave me so much because I was happy when I was shooting the series.”

Nataniel Sánchez fondly remembers the recordings at “AFHS”. Photo: LR composition / América TV capture

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What does Nataniel Sánchez think about the link between Macarena and Joel?

Along these lines, Nataniel Sánchez also referred to the possible romance between Macarena and Joel, which has been generating excitement among viewers with the approaches that the “best friends” have on the soap opera. For this reason, the actress commented on the presence of Maria Grazia Gamarra in the chapters of “Al fondo hay sitio”.

“I think it’s wonderful that Joel’s character falls in love, that he returns with a wonderful couple with Maria Grazia. I’m happy that the series generates new stories and that people get hooked on new characters, want and adopt a new character,” he said. .