Nataniel Sánchez: how old are you really and what do you do after moving to Spain?

Nataniel Sánchez became one of the most popular actresses in our country thanks to her role as Fernanda de las Casas in the telenovela “Al fondo hay sitio”. Her character was so lively and fun that she won the public’s affection in a short time. However, after working for more than 17 years on Peruvian television, she decided to migrate to Barcelona to seek better opportunities both personally and professionally.

It should be noted that the young artist has no intention of returning to Peru or reinterpreting Joel Gonzales’s partner in the well-known América Televisión series. “I sacrificed many things to go to Spain (…) Four years of my life fighting for it and having a small opportunity and throwing all that away to come back here to do the same… You have to think about it a bit. I have sacrificed a lot,” Sánchez said in an interview.

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What is Nataniel Sánchez currently doing?

Since he moved to Barcelona four years ago, Nataniel has dedicated himself to improving his artistic training, since he resumed his dance, singing and interpretation classes. As for her career as an actress, the Peruvian has participated in multiple plays such as “Interrail” and “Ishtar”, a project that tells the story of two lonely women who wait for the next transport in a wasteland at night.

Nataniel Sanchez is 31 years old. Photo: Facebook Nataniel Sánchez

In addition, he has also given some complementary workshops. An example of this is the course “A look at professional acting” that he presented in August of last year and that allowed him to venture into teaching.

Little by little, Nataniel Sánchez is making his way in the European country and this is evidenced from his digital platforms, with his ventures and various artistic projects in which he is involved.

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How old is Nataniel Sanchez?

The interpreter of Fernanda de las Casas in the soap opera “Al fondo hay sitio” was born exactly on May 15, 1991, so she is currently 31 years old. This means that she is much younger than her former co-worker and her fictional partner, Erick Elera, who just turned 39.

Nathaniel Sanchez

Nathaniel Sanchez. Photo: LR composition/Instagram capture/@natanielsanchezv

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How tall is Nataniel Sánchez really?

The actress, although she seems quite small, measures 1.67 meters. With that height, she is within the average in our country.

Nathaniel Sanchez

Nataniel Sánchez height. Photo: LR Composition/Instagram Shot/Broadcast

Nataniel Sánchez refused to return to “AFHS”?

The return of “At the bottom there is room” to the screens of América Televisión after more than six years of absence, the followers expected to see their iconic characters again; However, some actors ruled out returning to the small screen, one of them was Nathaniel Sanchez.

“I have no proposals to return nor do I plan to do so. I already explained that there are stages that come to an end. When she finished the series, she had no plans to do another season, ”said the actress in an interview for El Popular.

Nathaniel Sanchez

Nataniel Sánchez infinitely grateful to the fans of “Al fondo hay sitio”. Photo: composition/ Instagram/ América TV

What did Nataniel Sánchez say after his fans’ request for him to return to “AFHS”?

Nathaniel Sanchez who lives in Spain follows all the events related to the series that belonged for 8 seasons. Knowing the return of “At the bottom there is roomAfter almost six years of absence from the small screen, the actress’s fans asked her to return to the América TV production. Given this, the artist responded.

“I stop for a moment before going to sleep to thank all the people who are writing to me telling me that they miss me at the premiere of ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ and that they want him to come back. Really, infinite thanks for having me in your hearts, ”said Nataniel Sánchez in one of her Instagram stories.

Why did they call Nataniel Sánchez ‘Chuckysita’ in “AFHS”?

In the different seasons of “At the bottom there is room”, the character of Fernanda de las Casas, played by Nathaniel SanchezHe had many nicknames. The one that stood out the most was that of ‘Chuckysita’, since the actress was compared to the devilish doll due to her short stature and a peculiar gesture that she made with her eye, which was inspired by one of the gestures by the choreographer Arturo Chumbe.

Nathaniel Sanchez

Nathaniel Sanchez. Photo: LR composition/Instagram Capture

Nataniel Sánchez and the time Amazon Prime Video rejected her

Nataniel Sánchez is determined to grow professionally and for this reason she decided to emigrate abroad to start a new life in Spain, however, a few months ago she returned to Peru and during her visit she was interviewed by Jesús Alzamora for his program “La banca”.

In that conversation, the Peruvian actress said that she was called to do a casting for an Amazon Prime Video production, however, she was not selected. Also, she forgot to say that she was one of the stars in “Al fondo hay sitio”.