Nataniel Sánchez maintains hope for fans who are waiting for her return on ‘AFHS’: “I can’t say I’ll never go”

Since a new season of “Al fondo hay sitio” was announced in the 2022, the followers of the series have elaborated various theories that revolve around the characters. This is due to the fact that various promotions announced unexpected returns and this has been occurring in that year, as well as this 2023; however, many still wonder about Nathaniel Sanchez and her role as ‘Fernanda de las Casas’.

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The question arises because there were still doubts about what happened to her, well, she became the mother of some children she had with Joel, who did return to the series. It is for that reason that Nathaniel decided to break his silence and told details in an interview for “you are in all“of a probable re-entry to the peruvian series.

She confessed that she established a conversation with “america television” given that the characters that were maintained through the long seasons of ‘AFHS‘ were scheduled to appear again, but Sanchez he refused because he wanted to continue with his personal plans.

“I had a conversation with the channel when the series was just launched because some characters were summoned for this return. At that time it was said no. I have projects in mind right now, so the fact of going to live in Peru to shoot the series”, initially expressed Nathaniel Sanchez.

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Nataniel Sánchez does not rule out at some point reappearing in “Al fondo hay sitio”

After his initial statements, Nataniel Sánchez did not completely rule out that at some point in his life he could reappear in “At the bottom there is room“as required by many followers of the Peruvian series.

In the same interview, Nathaniel She announced that she still has projects that she wants to fulfill, which is why she will not appear, but that she cannot say that she will never be there, since she does not know what fate has in store for her.

“I can never say ‘I’m never going to go’, in any way because I don’t know what life will bring me. What I do know is that right now I have no plans to do ‘There is room at the bottom’,” he said. Sanchez.