Nataniel Sánchez reveals his true age and fans react: “He looks 23”

Theater, film and television actress. Dancer and dog lover. The actress Nataniel Sánchez, remembered Fernanda de las Casas from ‘Al fondo hay sitio’, extinguished her 32 candles in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where she moved several years ago. The artist confessed that she does not have a stable job in the ‘Motherland’, which knocks on doors to continue in the artistic environment.

Dancing is one of the facets that he loves the most. In Spain she took salsa and bachata classes. She expresses what she feels through dance. “I grew up in art, making art (…) not with fame, fame came into my life thanks to ‘Al fondo hay sitio'”, said the ex-partner in Erick Elera’s fiction, the popular ‘Joel González, el boy with the face of a fish. on the América TV soap opera.

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Nathaniel posted a photo blowing out one more candle. She turned 32 years old and she was very grateful for the expressions of affection from her thousands of followers. “I only have words of gratitude for so much love. Thanks to all the little people who with their presence, their words, wishes, hugs, messages and with their love celebrate my life. I am very lucky to have them in my life,” she wrote in Instagram.

Followers were surprised to learn of the true age of the petite actress, who was Mario Hart’s partner. “32? You look 23,” wrote one user. “Happy birthday full of blessings, wisdom, love and peace. A hug from afar, I admire her for her role in the soap opera ‘AFHS'”, “Beautiful, many blessings.” The actor Paolo Goya who embodies ‘Hiro’ dedicated a few words. “Have a great ostiasss.”

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Nataniel Sánchez: What did you say about your possible return to ‘Al fondo hay sitio’?

In the new season of ‘At the bottom there is room’ jumped the name of Nathaniel Sanchez. The national actress explained if she received the proposal to play “Fernanda de las Casas” again. Will she leave Spain to return to Peru and join the cast of the successful soap opera? “I already explained that there are stages that come to an end, when she finished she did not plan to do another season,” he said

He added that he now has another life far from Peru. “Each one followed their path and started with new things. You open doors, you focus elsewhere, how do you manage to sustain that and the other? You have to say, I decided the other (Stay in Barcelona). I keep all my love and the best memories of the series”. The actress is happy and calm in Europe.