National and Provincial HOY Quiniela: these are the results for this November 25

Find out the official results of the Quiniela in Argentina for this Thursday, November 25. Here you will find all the necessary information about the first the morning the evening and the night of the most popular lottery in the South American nation. Through the official streaming of his channel Youtube the Quiniela de la Ciudad will broadcast LIVE and ONLINE all the draws.

The Quiniela is played from Monday to Saturday and there are four draws per day. Initially, the First is raffled at 12.00 pm, then the Morning at 3.00 pm, then the Evening at 5.30 pm and, finally, the Night at 9.00 pm

Leading: 1562

National letters: ISVV

Leading: 8095

The Quiniela de la Ciudad or National Quiniela is the most popular game of chance in Argentina and one of the most traditional. Unlike others, it does not have a jackpot, but the prize is directly related to the amount and position of the numbers bet.

The bettor must choose a one, two, three or four digit number – between 0000 and 9999. The minimum bet is four Argentine pesos. All players can bet up to 10 minutes before the draw. To make a play, they will have to go to the nearest lottery and choose its number.

The awards They are paid in agencies that are equipped with Quiniela betting capture machines. These machines ensure that the bettor can place bets up to minutes before the draws take place. Once the bet is indicated, the bettor will receive as proof of his play a ticket, which will be the only valid proof to collect prizes if applicable, being made effective in the same place where the bet was made.

The Matutina raffle begins at 3.00 pm in Argentina. The results will be available once the lottery.