National Folklore School of Panama

I had an experience in the past year 2021 and it was the certificate for my contribution to Folklore, which was awarded to me by the National Folklore School (ENF), Center for Higher Studies of Folklore of Panama Dora Pérez de Zárate, which belonged to the Ministry of Culture and that as of this year 2022 is part of the Ministry of Education.

Then I was invited to participate, together with students and directors of folk groups, in the Seminar of Dances and Folk Dances, taught by Professor Arístides Burgos, director of the ENF, which lasted five days, but very well used. The objective of this course was to promote in the student knowledge of the main concepts of the general theory of folklore, systemic thinking, methodology of folklore studies, also to provide a vision of the dynamic behavior of folkloric phenomena and the methodological tools of this science (folklorology), related to dance and dance. It also included identifying a dance and a dance, their components and theoretical description, as part of the deep analysis of the perceived reality of the observer, which will identify the parts that compose it to define folklore (dances and dances) as a phenomenon and part of the life of people and communities. In addition, the classification of Manuel Fernando Zárate (Ballroom dances and folk dances), the taxonomic models of Ángel Acuña Delgado & Elena Acuña Gómez, and the Folklore classification scheme of Isabel Aretz, among others. As a Dominican it helped me a lot, since I put that knowledge into practice with our dances and folk dances since, although I have the empirical knowledge of folklore, in our country the degree or Technician in Folklore is not taught, only as a subject or Education Artistic and every day we learn and more if we nourish ourselves with other cultures different from ours. Diversity without losing identity!