National Lottery of Panama TODAY, Wednesday, May 25: results of the ‘Miercolito draw’

The National Charity Lottery (LNB) in Panama, which highlights on its ticket the “Monument of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Panama from Spain”, is drawn this Wednesday at 1:00 pm Here we give you the results of this edition of the lottery.

The National Lottery of Panama carries out the ‘Sorteo de Oro Miercolito’ today, May 25, 2022 day in which the participants wait anxiously to know if they will be one of the lucky ones. For his part, the ‘Sunday Gold Giveaway’ it is raffled every Sunday, whose results are announced at 1:00 p.m.

Winners can be found through the Panama National Lottery website and through its official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The broadcast of the ‘Sorteo de Oro Miercolito’ will be available shortly.

The results of the National Lottery of Panama will be available in minutes.

The next draw for the National Lottery of Panama will take place on Sunday, May 29 with the ‘Wednesday Golden Raffle’.

The Lottery also encourages the chances that win the First Prize and that register the winning letters; if they are high numbers, from 31 to 99 including 00, pay B/ 28.00; if they are low numbers (from 01 to 31) the additional prize per fraction is B/ 6.00. To receive this incentive, the chance must play in the first prize and register the winning letters.

The National Charity Lottery has launched an app that allows you to find a specific ticket. Available for Android, this app gives you information on the numbers played in the draws, those to play and also gives you the location of a ticket, that is, if you are looking for 4 numbers in particular. When you enter your request, it gives you the site where you can find it.

The National Charity Lottery is broadcast on its website, Telemetro EN DIRECTO and through the official streaming of its YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.