National Meringue Day

Tomorrow everyone to dance merengue. It is November 26, National Merengue Day and you have to sound, dance merengue. From 2:00 in the afternoon I will be doing a “live” on Instagram analyzing the types of meringues that exist: folkloric, popular, traditional or classic and symphonic, up to the name acquired by the musical group that interprets it.

I will also address the “muliana”, a step that the man performs while revolving around the couple and is only shown by folk groups. The three parts of the meringue, at what moment do the turns in the dance take place. Do foreigners have a rhythm or don’t they?

Have you danced merengue “joyao”? What is the province that lives the most typical meringue?

What is the most widespread and most interpreted meringue? From which decade are the meringues that sound the most at Christmas? What was the station that had a typical meringue program at 5:00 in the afternoon?

In Santo Domingo there are no appropriate places to go to dance a typical merengue, if some appear they inform me. It is not fair that we do not know how valuable our music is to appreciate and preserve it.

In the hotels they do dance merengue, but giving each other pulls and those who represent us are young people who often look for them more because of the proximity of the hotel center than what they can do, since they are not prepared to explain to tourists how proud we are for our musical culture.

Let’s raise our voices, defend what is ours, let’s dance our music, let’s be proud of our wealth. Let’s not allow other countries to distort our culture to earn money or acquire reproductions, let’s not be permissive.

Don Américo Mejía we will continue fighting, that this date never goes unnoticed, that the tambora, the güira and the accordion sound and that they do not take away the dance!