Natti Natasha supports Raphy Pina and denies separation

the dominican singer Natti Natasha showed support for her fiancé and father of her daughter, raphy pinain the midst of the judicial process that will be decided this month and due to the rumors of separation that circulated due to the fact that she deleted her photos with him.

The interpreter of “The best version of me” She said that her partner’s problems are hers and that they will fight together.

“I have never been characterized by controversies. Now much less. Your problems are my problems and we will fight it together.” were the words he wrote on his Twitter account, denying the separation rumors in the process.

Previously, the reggaeton artist born in Santiago de los Caballeros has said that she believes “one hundred percent” in the innocence of her partner.


The tweet published by Natti Natasha. (TWITTER)

As long as raphy pina He has posted family pictures and videos. In fact, they shared details of the ride on the yacht of the producer and artistic entrepreneur with his daughter Vida Isabelle, who will be one year old on May 22.

It is recalled that raphy pina was convicted of unlawful possession of an illegally modified firearm and possession of a firearm by a federal convict, as the producer he was convicted in 2015 of bank fraud.

The sentence will take place on April 18, after several postponements. Many claim that because Natti and Raphy share many experiences on their social platforms, what is published could serve as evidence.

On the musical level, the artist is part of Daddy Yankee’s album in the album “Legendary” with the song “Zona de perreo”.