Neither big nor small, a favor is a favor

Gratitude is the noblest gesture that a person can have with someone who has helped them when they have needed them, it does not matter if it is something great or small. Favors are not measured by their size, but by their essence, because it is synonymous with solidarity, empathy … Gratitude is, from my point of view, the most beautiful example of humility, and sometimes even loyalty, because whoever gives thanks he commits himself body and soul to that being who gave him his hand in a difficult moment.

Slaves to a favor

Who is grateful, it is forever. Not because of what he received, but because of what the gesture meant in a time of need. Because it is true, there are favors that transcend all understanding because whoever does so can put their integrity, work, relationship and even life at risk by extending their hand to another. But in reality, even when they give us that minute of a cell phone to make an emergency call, they are solving a difficulty for us, and in the same way they should be thanked for life.

Gratitude with god

The obvious sign that the size of the favor does not matter, is when we pray to the Almighty to help us with the health of a loved one, which is the most sacred, and we also do it to allow us to pass an exam at the university , two very different things, but just as important for those who have the need. Hence, for one favor or another we must be grateful to God, because He does not see the quantity, but the need.

Fabulously grateful

On a recent visit to the fabulous city, I could see how grateful its residents are. Whether it’s because you help him cross a street or because you get him a job to support his family, these people are forever grateful. There is no way that they betray the one who helped them so that a vehicle would not run over them, or whoever spoke so that they could have a job and a livelihood without asking for anything in return. Favors are not measured in this fabulous place. They do not see them big or small, they see them as a help, and without exaggeration, sometimes even as a miracle because many of them have asked the Lord with faith, and it is He who sends that angel to specify his grace. That is why gratitude has no end in this city. Hopefully in our reality, we learn not to measure the magnitude of a favor, but the importance of gratitude.