Néstor Villanueva shares with his children: “My champions waiting for me to sleep” [VIDEO]

Although neither Florcita Polo nor Néstor Villanueva have been seen again together on social networks, they have shared moments with their children each on their own, this was evidenced by the singer in one of his latest publications.

It was through his Instagram stories that the cumbiambero shared an emotional moment with his two little ones Estefano and Adriano, who would be living with him after the trip of the conceited Susy Díaz to Tarapoto for work.

“What a blessing … Arriving from work and my champions waiting for me to sleep,” he wrote in his tender dedication to his two little ones after a long day as a mariachi.

While, Nestor Villanueva He took the opportunity to send a thoughtful message to his thousands of followers on social networks: “Good morning! May God bless you, from the first light of day, to the first star at dusk and give you health and luck.”

Florcita Polo excited to return to Lima with her children after not receiving the New Year

The influencer Florcita Polo will be reunited with her children after returning from Tarapoto and is counting down to see them after not spending the New Year together for work.

“Heading to the airport … Already on the plane going to Lima (…) Lima … That’s how the acorn received me,” he wrote at first.