Netflix premieres a new version of the telenovela Rebelde

This Wednesday, January 5, Netflix launched the continuation of the Mexican youth series Rebelde, produced by director Santiago Limón.

The production was announced on March 1 of last year and since then the platform had published photos, trailers and a song to create expectations in the public.


The plot is recognized worldwide for the production launched by the Mexican communication company Televisa in 2004, making an adaptation of the Argentine novel “Rebelde Way”, created by Cris Morena.

This adaptation, which was called “Rebelde”, marked a new generation, becoming a successful telenovela and also one of the most recognized Latin music groups in the world.


As in previous versions, the plot is about young students who are part of a prestigious private academic institution, who struggle to excel musically and face the problems caused by a secret society, called “The Lodge.”

Despite this, the series does not tell the story of Mía Colucci, Roberta Pardo, Lupita Fernández, Miguel Arango, Diego Bustamante and Giovanni Méndez, but is based on what happens at the Elite Way School years after the aforementioned were will graduate.


Azul Guaita, Andrea Chaparro, Lizeth Selene, Giovanna Grigio, Jerónimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Alejandro Puente and Sergio Mayer Mori, are the actors who give life to the protagonists of the youth series.

Two of the actresses who participated in the Mexican version are part of the group of actors who participate in the Netflix production, which has been well received by the “rbdmaniaco fandom.”

In the 2004 version, Estefanía Villarreal and Karla Cossío played the students Celina Ferrer and Pilar Gandía. On this occasion, Villarreal is the director of the EWS, while Cossío is the mother of Jana Cohen Gandía (a young character in the series).


The first season has a total of eight chapters, which were named as “Welcome todes”, “Auditions”, “Is going to fall”, “Drill”, “The first time”, “Save me”, “Until dawn” and “La gran final”, in the first title you can see the use of the controversial inclusive language by the streaming platform.


Before the launch of the series, a performance of the renowned song “Rebelde” by the group RBD had been published. In the video of it you can see the young people who make up the group singing and also the styles of dressing each one of them.

The musical theme has received mostly negative reviews from fans.

“All voices are heard simply the same, it is not possible to distinguish between one singer or another, there is no one who reaches your soul with a voice timbre, as Anahi, Dulce María and Maite Perroni did”, was one of the comments that was done regarding music.