Netizens criticize JB on ATV for offensive characterization in Run Run sketch

JB on ATV is again the target of criticism. During the November 13 broadcast, the program performed a sequence inspired by the sounded Catch the Fox Run Run, creature that captured the attention of citizens and the press in recent weeks. The Andean fox has conquered the people of Lima when it became known that it was mistaken for a dog.

Run Run lived for a few months as a pet in the Lima district of Comas. As he grew up, he began to eat animals in his neighborhood, such as guinea pigs and chickens. Serfor personnel managed to capture him and transfer him to the Park of Legends. It will remain in quarantine for 14 days before being able to interact with other species in the zoo.

As always, Jorge Benavides took advantage of the attention Run Run received to produce content. The ATV show aired a preview for its broadcast on Saturday, November 13. In this it was visualized that there would be a sketch about the capture of the animal.

After the episode was broadcast, several netizens showed dissatisfaction with the choice of makeup, wardrobe and hairstyle. User Eliana Yanqui posted a video on TikTok showing a short excerpt from the sketch. This one quickly gained popularity. She questions the choice of JB’s production on ATV for the characterization of the actors who represented the residents of Comas in the search for the fox.

“Why put the actors with dirty faces?” it reads in the video. “What does JB mean, that Are those who live in the hills pigs?

After just one day, the tiktok has almost 61,000 views, more than 800 ‘likes’ and 470 comments. Several of these claim that the program resorted to derogatory stereotypes to characterize the residents of Comas, suggesting that because of their socioeconomic condition they lack hygiene, and took it as a mockery. However, others called this “humor” discriminatory action.

There are also criticisms on Twitter. For example, user Mrs. Carhuancho posted screenshots of the sketch with the text: “The neighbors of the neighborhood all come out dirty and disheveled”, questioning the decision to characterize the ATV program.

Jorge Benavides has already been criticized previously for the characterization of his characters, which on many occasions have been classified as “Racists”.

His most famous character is the Paisana Jacinta who appeared on Peruvian television in 1999. Three years later he was accused of “Make reference to racism” with the figure. In 2005, organizations such as Lundú and Chirapau requested Jacinta’s retirement from national television. The then congresswoman Paulina Arpasi even got involved, who with the support of the United Nations, managed to get Latina to stop broadcasting the program.

The countrywoman Jacinta was able to return to the small screen, but with a crucial change in her language and behavior.

The Black Mama He is also a controversial character. The ‘humor’ of this was based on the fact that Afro-Peruvian had delinquent habits. To interpret it, the comedian also incurred blackface by painting his skin a darker hue and wearing prosthetics that resemble that of an Afro-descendant person, thereby making fun of his appearance.

After images were released through the news in which the then Minister of the Interior Luis Barranzuela was caught at a social meeting held at his home, public opinion burned and proceeded to ask for his immediate resignation.

The event generated such outrage that Jorge Benavides did not hesitate to recreate it as part of a humorous sketch on his show and revealed a small preview of the funny parody.

The video shows the members of the JB program on ATV dancing to the rhythm of a Creole waltz and it is also revealed that Carlos Vílchez plays the outgoing minister.

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