Nevado del Ruiz Volcano LIVE: follow HERE the latest reports of the activity of the colossus today, April 15

He Nevado del Ruiz Volcano became the most active in Colombia, as reported by the Colombian Geological Service (SGC), entity that is in charge of reporting on the daily seismic and volcanic activity of the South American country. Currently, the colossus is in an orange alert state, which is why the Colombian government has developed an evacuation plan for risk areas.

Learn HERE the latest reports and the minute by minute of its possible eruption and the measures that are implemented to minimize the damage of this natural phenomenon.

Nevado del Ruiz volcano LIVE: live cameras

The SES Consulting channel broadcasts LIVE the images recorded by the cameras that monitor the Nevado del Ruiz volcano.

What was the last report on the Nevado del Ruiz volcano?

In the last report of the SCGshared this April 14, it was indicated that yesterday, the seismic activity associated with rock fracturing inside the volcanic building of the Nevado del Ruiz increased compared to the last days.

Nevado del Ruiz TODAY: find out how the activity of the colossus is going. Photo: SGC

Similarly, thermal anomalies have been confirmed in the Arenas crater. Also, the output of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere has remained the same compared to previous days.

What its a volcanic eruption?

A volcanic eruption occurs when magma reaches the Earth’s surface from within. Once it reaches the surface, it can present very varied behaviors, as reported by the SGC.