New partner? Vania Bludau shares a photo with a mysterious hunk

Vania Bludau He surprised his followers by publishing through his Instagram stories a photograph in which he is seen embracing the person who would be his new partner. The former reality girl smiles at the camera while the young man, whose identity is still a mystery, kisses her on the forehead. In addition, the influencer added a heart emoji to her photo, which would confirm that she would be in love with her again after she broke up with Mario Irivarren some time ago.

It should be remembered that Vania Bludau currently lives in the United States, so she would have met this mysterious gallant in that country. However, after the published photo, the ex-partner of Christian Domínguez He did not give any more clues about what this new romance would be like and limited himself to sharing photos of his meals.

Vania Bludau would be in love again. Photo: Instagram capture

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Vania Bludau was captured by the cameras of “Love and Fire” with a possible new love

From the image shared by Vania Bludau, everything would indicate that it would be the same young man with whom she was captured by the “Love and Fire” program in September 2022. It is worth mentioning that the influencer and the mysterious individual were seen walking through a center business in Miami. Vania’s possible new boyfriend would be called Eddy Homez, reporters said at the time.

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Vania Bludau was the one who ended the relationship with Mario Irivarren

Through his social networks, Vania Bludau spoke about his break with Mario Irivarren and confessed that it was she who ended up with him. “Scorned? I would love for you to have 1% knowledge of what happened and why that led me to make the decision to end that relationship. Yeah! It led me to make the decision, because it was not by mutual agreement, ”she said.

Vania Bludau and Mario Irivarren had a media break. Photo: The Republic / file