New trends: what are the most remote jobs and how much they pay

Remote work is not something new, but it is true that with the arrival of the pandemic and confinement, it proliferated in a way never seen before.

Now CNBC Make It listed the 10 jobs with the most remote job opportunities and how much they pay:

Sales representative.

Possibilities of working remotely: 83.60%

Activities: Sell products to wholesalers or manufacturers. Technical or scientific knowledge is required in areas such as biology, engineering, chemistry, and electronics.

Median salary: $ 86,650

2. Market research analyst and marketing specialists

Possibilities of working remotely: 63.60%

Activities: Research local, national or online markets; collect information to determine potential sales of a product or service; and plan marketing or advertising campaigns

Median salary: $ 65,810

3. Software developer

Possibilities of working remotely: 62.80%

Activities: Design of computer applications or programs.

Median salary: $ 110,140

4. Computer network architect

Possibilities of working remotely: 62.40%

Activities: Design and build LAN, WAN and Intranets data communication networks.

Median salary: $ 116,780

5. Lawyer

Possibilities of working remotely: 60.80%

Activities: Advice and representation of people, companies and government agencies in legal matters and disputes.

Median salary: $ 126,930

6. Fundraiser

Possibilities of working remotely: 60.70%

Activities: Organize events and campaigns to raise money and other types of donations for organizations.

Median salary: $ 59,610

7. Computer programmer

Possibilities of working remotely: 59.90%

Activities: Write and test code for applications and software programs.

Median salary: $ 89,190

8. Director of computer and information systems

Possibilities of working remotely: 58.90%

Activities: Plan, coordinate and direct computer activities.

Median salary: $ 151,150

9. Sales manager

Possibilities of working remotely: 56.30%

Activities: Management of sales teams of direct organizations.

Median salary: $ 132,290

10. Computer systems analyst

Possibilities of working remotely: 54.70%

Activities: Improve the computer systems of an organization.

Median salary: $ 93,730

The job information is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with permanent remote job opportunities, not temporary arrangements made due to the pandemic, says CNBC Make It.