New York could be hit by a “significant” snowstorm this weekend

The city of New York (United States) could be hit by a great cyclone bomb or storm next Sunday, January 16 at night, as US meteorologists have told The Post.

A major snowstorm is expected to hit the Midwest and Southeast and then turn north at the end of the weekend.

The weather system is likely to have an impact on the tri-state area, experts said, although experts warned this Wednesday night that it was too early to make an accurate forecast.

“A lot may change in the coming days, but given what we’re seeing right now, that’s our thinking, that there will certainly be enough snow at least for a long enough period of time to ruin trips,” said the lead meteorologist. Dave Dombek to The Post.

“It will be significant enough to spoil the roads and travel and could be a real disaster for a while,” added the specialist.

Dombek also said there was about a 20% chance the city would see more than 6 inches of snow. A better bet would be that the districts would see about 3 inches, as the areas to the north and west of the city would be affected “considerably” more.

“If we’re in the ‘mostly snow’ zone, then we’re seeing much heavier amounts. Right now, that doesn’t seem likely, but it’s still on the cards, ”Dombek said.

There was also the possibility that the storm could turn into a bomb cyclone. “It’s basically a storm that intensifies very quickly as the barometric pressure plummets,” said the meteorologist.

Very cold air blew into the area over the weekend with temperatures dropping dramatically and staying in the single digits last Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th night before recovering to around 30 degrees on Sunday afternoon.

Freezing temperatures could accelerate a heavy snowstorm, but a gentler winter mix was also possible, depending on the timing of the warming.

Dombek explained that “the colder it is at the beginning of the storm and the longer it can stay cold, the more snow we will have.”

He advised New Yorkers to check the forecasts and travel advisories for this Friday, January 14 and Saturday, January 15 for updated forecasts.