New York was declared an emergency due to lack of funds to support refugee immigrants

Crisis in the Big Apple. New York Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency in the city for a period of 30 days, in response to the arrival of more than 17,000 Latin American immigrants who crossed the southern border of the United States in recent months, with a large number of citizens from Venezuela.

“We need help and we need it now”, Adams said at a news conference. The official explained that managing the arrival of immigrants will cost a total of 1,000 million dollars, something that exceeds the fiscal limits of the city that never sleeps.

“We are on the edge of the precipice. Although our compassion is limitless, our resources are not.” mentioned the mayor, who has been providing asylum to a total of 61,000 people.

According to Adams, the Republican states of Texas, Arizona and Florida have been sending buses full of refugees to Democratic areas in recent months. This in order to pressure Joe Biden, the US president, to modify the immigration laws in the country.

“Thousands of asylum seekers have been transported to New York City and they have simply been left here, without warning, coordination or attention. And more arrive every day critical.

“The city will run out of funds. New York is doing everything it can, but we are reaching the limit of our capacity.” claimed.

According to the latest official figures There are approximately 500,000 Venezuelan immigrants in the United States. Many of them had to cross the dangerous Darién jungle and cross the Rio Grande, located on the border between Mexico and the North American nation, to seek a better future.