Nicola Porcella makes Tik Tok controversial and users come out in defense of Angie Arizaga [VIDEO]

I wouldn’t have liked it at all. The former reality boy, Nicola Porcella, did the challenge in tik tok “Battle of ex” and the publication would not have been liked at all on social networks, because many would believe that when playing, he would have referred to his ex-partner Angie Arizaga.

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Turns out on Tik Tok, Nicola Porcella He shared the video where they ask questions about the ex-partners and many people in networks would not have liked them at all. Some of them are: “Who has the ugliest ex? Whose ex is not going to get anywhere in life? Which ex do they hate the most? Whose ex is the weakest? whose ex he let go of the best he’s ever had.”

Given this, people on Tik Tok have jumped and reminded Nicola Porcella who was with Angie Arizaga. They even came out in defense of the “black” with comments such as: “Everything to attract attention, Angie Arizaga happily found the best”, “Angie was the best thing that could happen to Nicola”.

After this publication, the journalist Katy Sheen couldn’t help but comment on this post and wonder which ex he was referring to Nicola Porcella. “Do you think he got a bit out of hand with Nicola because everyone was going to link him to Angie?”

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Nicola Porcella grateful for having opportunities abroad

Nicola Porcella was grateful for the opportunities he has in Mexico. The model pointed out that he headed for that country because he already had a contract and wanted to take advantage of that to make a career abroad.

“I have to thank because I speak with many people there, with Marco Zunino, with several (actors) that, really, it was by God that I arrived at Televisa with a job, I left with a contract from Peru. That made it easier for doors to open for me.”