Nicola Porcella makes TikTok controversial and users defend Angie Arizaga

Hint? Nicola Porcella caused controversy by sharing a video next to a young woman where a series of questions are asked. The problem with this clip is that many users related the model’s responses to her ex-partner Angie Arizaga because they thought they were referring to her.

Through his social networks, the reality boy published a TikTok where several questions are heard such as: “Who had the ugliest ex? Which ex do they hate the most? Whose ex did he let go of the best he has Dyed?”

After the publication of the video, the communicator Katy Sheen shared the opinions of Internet users who rejected Nicola Porcella’s attitude. Although Angie Arizaga is not mentioned in her clip, many believe that it was directed at her.

“Fortunately, Angie Arizaga found someone better.” “I don’t know which ex Nicola is referring to, but Angie was the best thing that could happen to Nicola”. “It still hurts that she (Angie) is with someone better”, are some of the comments that she mentioned.

Fulfill your dreams. After leaving Peru, Nicola Porcella decided to head to Mexico and enter one of the most important acting schools, Televisa’s CEA, to prepare as an actor. In this way, all his efforts are bearing fruit and now he has debuted with a period soap opera.

As you remember, the model has participated in Peruvian productions such as “Come dance quinceañera” and “I will find you again”.