Nicola Porcella on joining Televisa: “The EEG owners never spoke for me”

Nicola Porcella prepares to return to Mexico and continue working. Before embarking on his trip, the former member of This is War chose to answer some questions from his followers. One of the netizens asked him if he is evaluating participating in the new season of America’s reality television competition, to which the influencer revealed the reasons why he does not plan to return to the program.

“I know you from EEG, why did you leave”, was one of the curious comments of the users to which the model replied. “I didn’t leave, they took me out hahaha, but today I am grateful for everything that happened to me, it helped me grow, mature, be a better person” indicated on his Instagram account.

Likewise, the influencer was encouraged to give details of how he entered Televisa. “And good, I came to Televisa alone, to make it clear that the EEG owners never spoke for me as they say, and I made my way into the market, which for me was a dream ”.

The Peruvian said that he left the country because he did not find the emotional stability he was looking for. “In Peru I always had economic stability, but never emotional stability, and in 2021 I decided to prioritize my peace of mind and that of my family. For many years I questioned why so many things happen to me, and I understood that life gives you signs to leave situations, people and even jobs that hurt you or bring out the worst in you ”.

Through his social networks, the influencer revealed that at one point he was willing to smooth things over with the production of This is War. “Recently, being away made me miss everything here and I thought at some point to talk to those who had differences about things that seemed unfair at the time and give us one more chance,” he stressed.