Nicola Porcella would be in The Power of Love, according to Rafael Cardozo: “It’s incredible”

Are you leaving Mexico? Nicola Porcella is still in Peru but there was talk of his next return to Mexico, where he has resided since 2020 when participating in Guerreros, and now it was announced that his destiny would actually be another since, against all odds, it would be the new pull from The Power of Love in its new season.

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Everything was confirmed by Rafael Cardozo, who is one of the reality boy’s best friends since they were both part of This is War. He spoke at length about the plans of his former partner LIVE and surprised by announcing that his future would no longer be in America, but in Europe.

Although Nicola Porcella He had assured that he would leave reality shows once and for all after the end of Guerreros México, and had denied that The power of love He had communicated with him, this would not be entirely true, and that is how the Brazilian let him see it during his interview with Más Espectáculos, yesterday, Wednesday, January 12.

“Nicola is closing another proposal that is very good, and that is not in Mexico, it seems incredible to me, it is in Europe,” said Rafael Cardozo, which led to being questioned by Jazmín Pinedo. “Would you go to Turkey, where was the power of love recorded?” They asked him, and he did not rule it out, but rather hinted that this would be true. “I didn’t say anything,” he sentenced. Oops!

Nicola Porcella will resume her acting studies after leaving reality shows: “I would like to finish”

Angie Arizaga‘s ex-partner revealed that he had left his studies at Televisa’s CEA and explained why. However, he also announced that he hopes to continue preparing acting soon after officially leaving reality shows.

“I had to go out for a family issue here in Peru, but I would like to finish my studies there next year,” he said. Nicola Porcella through the stories on his official account Instagram.