Nicola regrets having turned down $18,000 from “Combate” to leave “EEG”: “For a donkey”

Since the appearance of reality shows, back in 2010, it is known that its members usually earn significant sums of money per month. On this subject, Nicola Porcella recently spoke for the YouTube channel “Tiempo muerto”, by Giancarlo Granda, and revealed unknown details about his time on these contest programs such as “This is war” and impressed by counting the amount that they came to offer him other channels.

According to his version, “Combate” wanted to pay him a total of 18,000 dollars a month to be part of said space. However, he recounted quite regretful that at the time he did not accept this offer, and another similar one from Latina, out of loyalty and because the producers promised to take care of him.

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Nicola regrets turning down $18,000 from “Combate”

“For being rude, for being a donkey, for being loyal. In “This is war” I earned 7 and I didn’t leave, because they told me ‘this is your house, we’ll take care of you here’, and I didn’t go. But right now I regret it, it was to leave, ”he specified, visibly affected.

Nicola attacks current members of “This is war”

Other explosive statements that Nicola Porcella left during his talk with ‘Flaco’ Granda was when he gave his opinion on the current members of “This is war”. The former reality boy assured that none of the new faces adds anything to the program and that, if it were up to him, he would take out many.

“I’m honest, the people who are in ‘This is war’ right now don’t add anything, I don’t know why they are there. If they took me back there right now and said ‘Nicola, what do you have to do?’, I would take out the half,” he added.