Nicolás Maduro congratulates Gabriel Boric “for his resounding victory over fascism”

The questioned Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro congratulated this Sunday, December 19, the elected president of chili the young leftist Gabriel Boric who beat the far-right José Antonio Kast in the second round.

“I congratulate the Pacto Approve Dignity for its victory, and the newly elected president of Chile, Gabriel Boric. I salute the people of Salvador Allende and Víctor Jara for their resounding victory over fascism. Great Democratic Day! Long live Chile! ”, Maduro wrote on Twitter.

Like him, other heads of state in the region have welcomed the triumph of Boric, who reached up to 55.87% of support compared to 44.13% of Kast with 99.88% of the polls scrutinized.

Faced with such a difference, Kast was quick to acknowledge his defeat and congratulate his rival, the representative of the Chilean Broad Front.

“I just spoke with Gabriel Boric and I have congratulated him on his great triumph. From today he is the elected president of Chile and deserves all our respect and constructive collaboration. Chile is always first ”, Kast tweeted, attaching a photo chatting on the phone.

He later issued a speech from his command headquarters in Santiago in which he affirmed that Boric deserves all his respect since he won the election “fair and square.”

“Many Chileans trusted Gabriel boric and we hope it has a very good government, “he added.

Kast He affirmed that he will continue working from the opposition in conjunction with the Republican Party, ensuring that the store “has consolidated itself as a political benchmark, with 14 deputies and an elected senator.”

With information from Sputnik