Nicole Akari on the look of Rebeca Escribns in “La Alfombra Rosa”: “I’ve seen her better dressed”

The well-known stylist Nicole Akari did not at all approve of Rebeca Escribns’ look in “The Pink Carpet” of the movie “Single, Married, Widow, Divorced“Well, he assured that the host of ‘América Espectáculos’ could have gone better dressed for the gala night.

It was on the showamerica today‘ where Nicole Akari He was present to be able to give his opinion about the looks of the show business that went to ‘The Red Carpet’. When it was her turn to comment on Rebecca Writenshis opinion was not at all favorable to the television host.

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“I’m honest, I loved the tailor’s idea, what I didn’t love was the color, or the mix she used black inside, the bow seemed cute to me, but I feel like it was still in character, I think she wanted to go of the bad story and that’s why he chose the color”, said at the beginning the stylist.

It was at that moment that Akari highlighted that he had seen Rebecca Writens much better dressed on other occasions than on the gala evening.

“Note that in the video, the color looks much better than in the photo, in the photo it looks much darker, but I feel that I did not like the contrast. I feel that I have seen Rebeca much better dressed other times, whom I really love,” said Nicole Akari causing the astonishment of the drivers.

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Nicole Akari highlights the best of Rebeca Escribns’ look

Although in general Nicole Akari did not like the look of Rebecca WritensYes, he highlighted that the tailor’s model is quite good. Plus, she loved that he wore a bow on “The Pink Carpet.”

“The fabric was slightly shiny, the tailor’s model is beautiful, it is well worn to use it on many occasions, because you can wear it in a thousand places, but I feel that I have seen Rebeca better dressed on other occasions, the idea of ​​the bow if I loved”, ended by saying Nicole.