Nicole Faveron: What has happened to your life after coming out of Esto Es Guerra?

Nicole Faveron, exMiss Peru In 2012, he was one of the many characters that went through the competition reality show, Esto Es Guerra; However, after competing in different challenges and improving in competitions, he decided to leave this world to continue with his dreams and personal goals.

Former Miss Peru, Nicole Faverón joined Esto Es Guerra in 2013 to be Natalie Vértiz’s direct competition, since apparently the production wanted two beauty pageant competitors on the América Televisión reality show. However, over time, Farevón preferred to retire and in El Popular we will tell you what has happened to his life.

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Nicole Faverón studied psychology

After saying goodbye to Esto Es Guerra, Nicole Faverón decided to focus on finishing her degree in psychology and managed to obtain her bachelor’s degree from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences. She herself highlights this achievement on her Instagram account where she introduces herself as a “Licensed Clinical Psychologist.”

In addition, he managed to specialize as a therapist, so before the COVID-19 pandemic he attended to children and adults in his office, however, due to the current context, his sessions are online. But also, Nicole Faveron has not moved away from the world of modeling and beauty, as well as her social networks.

Similarly, over the years, she became a spokesperson for a campaign to prevent breast cancer, a disease that not only suffered from her mother, but herself. For this reason, Nicole Faverón considers herself a fighter. “I am a living example of this. A lump appeared to me at the age of 17 and I was saved by having detected it early,” said the former beauty queen who visited Esto Es Guerra last year.

Who did Nicole Faverón marry?

In 2018, the former participant of Esto Es Guerra, Nicole Faverón married in a dream wedding with the mining businessman Jonas Nitschack at the Las Lagunas de La Molina Club.

Although it was a civil wedding, Nicole Faverón and her husband threw the house out the window. She wore an exclusive wedding dress and a Miss crown and he wore a black tuxedo. After giving the expected “Yes”, both were the sensation of the night with their expected dance during the reception.

Even before the wedding, Nicole Faverón and Jonas Nitschack had a pre-wedding session, the same one that was shared by her on her Instagram account; While in April of the same year, it was the month in which she got engaged and showed her ring for the first time.

Nicolle Faverón is pregnant for the second time

Currently, Nicole Faverón is pregnant for the second time and shared the good news through her social networks, where she published the moment of one of her ultrasounds.

“Soon we will be 4 !!! …@fetalmedicineinstitute@enriquegilguevara…..#pregnancy #pregnant #pregnant #pregnancy #baby #baby #family #Familia, wrote Nicole Faverón, who in 2020 was watching in Brazil.

But Nicole Faverón already has experience with motherhood, because in 2019 she became a mother for the first time. A year after marrying Jonas Nitschack, she managed to get pregnant and her first daughter is named Kassandra Nitschack Faverón.