Nike would launch ‘virtual sneakers’ for the metaverse: buy a company dedicated to NFT footwear

Latent possibility. Since Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced its plans to create its own metaverse Various companies have loosely suggested how they could expand their businesses into such an alternate reality. One of the closest ways to make money in the virtual world is through the new fashion of NFTs and, now, a recent move by Nike could reveal that they have plans to offer shoes of this type in the future.

Why do we say this? Well, it turns out that the famous shoe manufacturer has just acquired a company named RTKFT which is also dedicated to the footwear business, although with one strong difference: its products are completely virtual and they are offered through the NFT model exclusively for him metaverse.

In case you did not know, NFT (non fungible token) refers to a new way of offering or distributing exclusive goods. These are always digital and can contain any virtual element such as a JPEG image, a tweet or a song in MP3 format.

In order for an NFT to be valid, it is usually registered with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees that that item (for example, the JPEG image) is unique in the world and only belongs to someone. Of course, this does not prevent anyone from being able to make a copy of the same image with a simple screenshot, but the joke, incredible as it may seem, is in feeling the only legitimate owner of that digital piece.

Now, regarding RTFKT, it is a company that was just founded in 2020 and has already had the collaboration of various artists to create their own footwear. One of the most recent was with artist FEWOCiOUS, who designed a pair of sneakers to be sold both in the real world and in the world. metaverse.

The FEWOCiOUS-designed NFT shoes were a total success, selling around 600 pairs in just 6 minutes, allowing RTFKT to raise $ 3.1 million.

This is the company that Nike has just acquired and most likely they have done so to expand their operations into the world of the metaverse. In a public statement, the footwear company praised RTFKT in this way: “We congratulate them for taking advantage of the latest in video game accessories, NFTs, blockchain authentication and augmented reality to create unique digital products.”

The union between Nike and RTFKT was announced with an image where the logos of both companies are joined together with those of Converse Y Jumpman.