Nikko Ponce defends himself from criticism for the role of Paolo Guerrero: “I am of African descent, my grandfather is from Chincha”

‘Contigo Capitán’, the series based on the football career of Paolo Guerrero, It premiered on October 6. Nikko Ponce was the actor who played him and was characterized very similar to the footballer. However, netizens consider that he does not physically resemble him, since he does not have Afro-Peruvian features like the “Predator”.

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The actor was interviewed by the program good morning peru and revealed that his ancestors have Afro-Peruvian origin, since one of his grandparents is from Chincha, something that many did not know.

He also said that in order to fully interpret his character he had the help of Paolo Guerrero himself, with whom he achieved great chemistry.

“I am also Afro-descendant, Peruvians are mestizos. I am not going to say that I am the one or I am the one who should have interpreted it. There was a lot of criticism and comments, but that’s the actor’s job, to play characters they are not. I think the characterization is very well done. My grandfather is from Chincha, one of my parents is from Arequipa and the other from Lima, I have an Italian family, that is, there is a brutal mix. It is something that does not concern me, “he said in the face of criticism for having been chosen to play the role of the ‘Predator’.

“Paolo helped me in the characterization of his character, it was a long and difficult process. We had a very nice communication and we have achieved a very nice job, ”she sentenced.

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Nikko Ponce: How many languages ​​did you have to learn for Netflix’s “Contigo capitan”?

Based on real events, “With you captain” It is directed by Javier Fuentes León and Daniel Vega, and it is the first original Peruvian series on the Netflix platform. Paolo Guerrero is played by actor Nikko Ponce. Today in The popular we will tell you more details about the bioseries of the ‘predator’.

“I asked my girlfriend to record a video for me speaking in Portuguese. I put on a lead polo shirt very similar to the one Paolo used in the interview with Juan Pablo Sorín, and in fifteen minutes I had the material ready. I sent it to the producer Delia to see what was happening and, finally, they chose me. When I was already in the project, they told me that this video was decisive for my election, “he said. Peruvian actor.