Nikko Ponce knew Paolo Guerrero before recording ‘Contigo Capitán’: “She was with a friend of mine”

Actor Nikko Ponce played Paolo Guerrero in Contigo Capitán and in an interview with Cinescape revealed details of what it was like to record this series produced by Netflix. He also revealed how he assimilated the personality of the Peruvian soccer player so that his character looks very real.

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Nikko Ponce He said that it was quite a challenge since it was a very different character from the ones he has done in his acting life. “Paolo has a personality on the pitch and a personality in his day-to-day life. He is a very familiar person, quite calm so of course he is very different from the characters I have played. He seemed very interesting to me and also an acting challenge, playing someone who is different from me in the way of being. I am an extrovert, Paolo is a person who says the exact things”, he maintained.

The actor also revealed an experience before being summoned to the Netflix series and that is that a young woman in Máncora confused him with the athlete. “A girl approaches me and she hugs me with great effusion, she had confused me with Paolo”, she pointed out.

He also indicated that he already knew him before because he was a friend’s partner. “I knew Paolo, not deeply, but I met him because he was with a friend of mine a long time ago,” she revealed.

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Nikko Ponce defends himself from criticism for the role of Paolo Guerrero

‘Contigo Capitán’, the series based on the football career of Paolo Guerrero, It premiered on October 6. Nikko Ponce was the actor who played him and was characterized very similar to the footballer. However, netizens consider that he does not physically resemble him, since he does not have Afro-Peruvian features like the “Predator”.

“I am also Afro-descendant, Peruvians are mestizos. I am not going to say that I am the one or I am the one who should have interpreted it. There was a lot of criticism and comments, but that’s the actor’s job, to play characters they are not. I think the characterization is very well done. My grandfather is from Chincha, one of my parents is from Arequipa and the other from Lima, I have an Italian family, that is, there is a brutal mix. It is something that does not concern me, “he said in the face of criticism for having been chosen to play the role of the ‘Predator’.