Nilsa Mármol, from scholarship to form her own higher education center abroad

Nilsa Maricel Mármol Paulino is a Dominican who immigrated to Madrid, Spain in 2007, simply seeking to specialize in a business area. But almost 15 years later she is still in the Spanish capital, now disposing of their knowledge to society who received her and, in a special way, to those who come with the same dreams from where she was born.

Recipient of a state scholarship, she went to the city commonly known as “Villa y Corte” to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Management and Administration or MBA, as it is known by its acronym in English.

dream materialized

Since before finishing her degree, Nilsa Maricel had the concern of living a study experience abroad.

“I always had the desire to go abroad to study, to live the experience; I was even looking in some Latin American countries, even in the United Kingdom, to prepare myself and acquire knowledge abroad, ”she confesses with a sparkle in her eyes as she remembers those dreams of his youth.

The language was one of the reasons why he chose Spain, in addition to the fact that at that time seemed to him the right country to acquire the knowledge cutting-edge for business management.

“Change at the beginning is always difficult, especially adapting to leaving what you already know, face a world of uncertainties”, he remembers about his arrival in Spain when he was just 25 years old.

Her sister, a dentist, had already been there for several months doing her specialization and received her, making the burden of this new life away from home a little lighter.

passion for business

Business and commerce have always been his passion, which he inherited from his parents, two Cibaeños with an entrepreneurial spirit who dedicated themselves to sales and established several family businesses in Santo Domingo.

Nilsa graduated in business administration, which meant an added value to her previous experience collaborating in her parents’ businesses.

“From a very young age I have been working with my father. On weekends I went to the family business to work, I had my salary and my responsibilities since I was 15 years old”, he narrates.

Then, in his college years, he organized tourist trips and hotels with his companions, which meant “another stage of entrepreneurship” in his life, which was after what, with laughter, he called his childhood businesses.

“If she went for a walk, a beach or a river, she would take stones and then paint them at home with her sisters, we would expose them in front of the house and the companions were delighted and bought them,” she said.

enterprising mother

Several job opportunities made her stay in the so-called villa del oso y del madroño, where in recent years she has worked in the areas of marketing and human resources, but she has also followed in the footsteps of her parents and has undertaken in family.

Nilsa says that some time after completing her master’s degree, she got married and started a family of five, made up of her and her husband, another passionate about business, and three little ones aged 7, 5 and 3.

He describes this dynamic of undertaking as a couple as a challenge, especially during the years of the pandemic. However, he claims that, despite they are “working 24/7” and the routine has become a frenzy, they enjoy what they do.

Both were looking for how they could generate an income for the family that would combine their passions. The spark of the desire to train was lit from the publication of a book written by her husband and it is, after years of preparation, that in 2017 she founded, together with her partner, a higher education institute focused on business.

“How were we doing with all our knowledge, with all our studies and so on, being able to impact society in a positive way and leave a legacy?” He says they asked themselves and the answer was higher education for managers, people dedicated to business decision making.

Knowledge at the service of your country

Thus was born the Conscious Management Institute (CMI Business School)cataloged as the first business school in Spain specialized in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, where 28% of the student body is Dominican.

Nilsa considers that is reinvesting in the Dominican Republic what the country once invested in it and its preparation. Part of these students have arrived thanks to scholarships, both from the Dominican State and from the institution itself, which it highlights have been awarded to all types of profiles, in case someone has doubts when applying.

“There are students with academic excellence and others with low resources who, even living in remote places, have accessed these opportunities,” Nilsa points out.

In addition to the entity’s own scholarship program, she encourages young Dominicans to participate in the call you are currently making the government through its scholarship portal, an offer of which the institute is a part.

“Don’t stop, go for your dreams”

Mármol also encourages them not to stop, go for their dreams and prepare themselves, dedicate time to study a language and “to they are formed in any type of opportunity that life offers them”.

“The most that I can encourage young people is to encourage themselves to train, to not stop studying, to take advantage of those years where you have more opportunities and more free time to invest in your training, because in the long run and throughout your life the fruits will be seen”, says who is also a teacher at the institute she founded with her husband.

This project has been very rewarding for both of them, especially when seeing how a student’s life changes because he gets the job of his dreams or manages to acquire those skills and tools that are offered in the center’s training programs.

“My beloved homeland”

Although she has not returned to settle on the Caribbean island where she was born, she returns for seasons to make deals or agreements, vacation and visit her esteemed relatives with her family, because for her it is essential that your little ones know their culture and assume it, that they be part of it.

For Nilsa, the pride of being Dominican is such that she feels like an ambassador of her country wherever she goes. “It is and always will be my adored and dreamed homeland,” she points out.