Nina Vásquez, the Dominican who takes the flight of the ‘Butterflies’ to Madrid

Designer Nina Vásquez is proud of her roots. He uses his art to publicize the culture and history of his country. In Madrid, Spain has just presented its ‘Flight of Butterflies’, a heartfelt tribute to the Mirabal Sisters, especially in a month that commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, inspired by the murder of Patria, Minerva and María Teresa.

She did not miss the opportunity to present pieces in foreign lands that speak of this fact that, on a day like today, November 25, 1960, made the Dominican people mourn. Later, it became an important date for the international community that also recalls the sadness caused by the death of these three women during the Rafael Leonidas Trujillo regime.

“The firm Nina Vásquez always tells a story in its collections. We are happy to embark on a new stage of internationalization and doing it this way is very exciting ”, says the designer.

One of the most emotional moments of the parade was the presentation of the pieces of the ‘Flight of Butterflies’ collection, which are made with a fabric made in Italy with the love letters that Minerva Mirabal and Manolo Tavárez sent while the latter remained in jail. With this bet, he closed the parade with a flourish with the iconic ‘liberty suit’.

Behind this piece there is a story to tell and Nina did it without losing a detail. “This suit was planned by Minerva Mirabal, who began to make it, but did not finish it because she was assassinated by the dictatorship. Nina Vásquez Design concluded its creation as a tribute to this story of love and sacrifice ”, she says.

She says that it is undoubtedly an outfit synonymous with the most fervent struggle for freedom and an evocation of the voice of women against violence. Today to commemorate 61 years of the death of the Mirabal Sisters, this designer recognizes through her pieces the meaning of this story, and that is why she presented it in ‘Dominican fashion arrives in Madrid’.

A cultural touch

With his proposal ‘Raíces’ he also left on the catwalk, in Madrid, a touch of what the Mocana culture means. The proposal is inspired by the city of Moca and, with it, it seeks to highlight the national identity.

Nina Vásquez Design is a local fashion firm that was chosen by the Institute of Dominicans and Dominicans Abroad (Index), present in Spain, as one of the brands to be presented in the activity ‘Dominican fashion arrives in Madrid’, held Recently.

From their perspective, adjusting to the country brand concept is a commitment that commits designers to give their best. Hence, every day he tries to do a better job to live up to what is demanded today inside and outside the country. It was recently chosen by Prodominicana as an export offer due to its quality and versatility in its designs.