Nine women from the Dominican creative industry will be recognized

To celebrate World Writer and Copyright Day, next Monday, April 24, nine outstanding women in the creative industry of the Dominican Republic will be recognized.

Those selected were the writer Emilia Pereyra, the singer-songwriter Alicia Baroni, the filmmaker Leticia Tonos Paniagua; the architect Adis Ozuna, the actress Clara Luz Lozano, the singers Milly Quezada and Maridalia Hernández; the plastic artist Elsa Núñez; the fashion designer Giannina Azar and the ballet teacher Alina Abreu.

Dominican women will receive plaques in recognition of their contributions in various areas of the creative industry such as literature, music, film, theater, visual arts, fashion design, and dance.

The recognition is part of the celebration of World Writer and Copyright Day next Monday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m., organized by the National Copyright Office (ONDA), the World Property Organization (OMPI) and the country’s collective management societies for copyright and related rights.

The event is set to take place at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Santo Domingo, National District, to which representatives of the creative and cultural industry, national authorities and diplomatic representatives have been invited.

During the celebration, the Colombian lawyer, Carolina Romero Romero, who comes to the country from Colombia under the auspices of WIPO, will offer a keynote speech entitled “Women in Copyright and the contribution to the cultural and creative industries.”

Also participating will be Sylvie Forbin, Deputy Director of the Copyright and Related Rights Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

When making the announcement, the general director of ONDA, José Ruben Gonell Cosme, said with this activity the participating institutions seek to give a greater impetus to the work carried out since 2020 to promote the moral and patrimonial rights of Dominican creatives, and the expansion of the legal framework that guarantees such rights.

Gonell Cosme added that the activity is stimulated by the fact that WIPO declared 2023 as the year of “Intellectual Property and women”, as accelerators of innovation and creativity.

The activity has the support of WIPO and the collective management societies Egeda Dominicana; Dominican Society of Phonographic Producers (SODINPRO), and the Dominican Society of Plastic Artists (SODOMAPLA), and in a very special way, by the General Society of Dominican Music Authors, Composers and Publishers) (SGACEDOM) and the Dominican Society of Performing Artists and Performers (SODAIE).

Gonell Cosme highlighted this joint act is not a fortuitous event, because ONDA has been working since 2020 hand in hand with WIPO and collective management societies in the task of consolidating respect for copyright in the Dominican Republic.

About Carolina Romero Romero

She is a lawyer from the Externado de Colombia University and a Specialist in Industrial Property, Copyright and New Technologies. She is a specialist in International Business Law from the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property from the University of Turin (Italy). Her professional activity was developed in the field of the public sector, in the area of ​​Intellectual Property and specifically in the field of copyright and related rights.

He was part of the negotiating teams that have represented Colombia in some of the negotiations that have been carried out at the bilateral level and multilateral negotiations, participating as technical support in discussions on Copyright and Related Rights.

He was a member of the National Orange Economy Council – CNEN and the Intersectoral Commission on Intellectual Property – CIPI, both instances of the Government of Colombia, in which public policies on issues of creative economy and intellectual property, respectively, are articulated.

World Writer and Copyright Day is celebrated annually on April 23 to recognize the contribution of writers and the importance of copyright in protecting their works.

World Writer and Copyright Day

World Writer and Copyright Day was established by UNESCO in 1986 to promote literary creation, copyright protection and encourage reading. April 23 was chosen in honor of the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, three great literary figures who died on the same date in 1616.

Copyright law is essential to protect intellectual property and ensure that creators are recognized and compensated for their work.