Noble gesture! Firefighters blocked a road for granny to cross without hurry [VIDEO]

An older adult stopped road traffic in Kainingrad, Russia. The woman lost her sense of direction and entered an area of ​​the road that was prohibited, so she was exposed to being hit by a vehicle.

In the video captured by the security cameras, it is possible to see the woman walking slowly along the edge of the highway, however, at one point she enters the road in full traffic congestion.

Some vehicles noticed the presence of the woman and stopped until they waited for her to pass, however, some continued advancing around her. As he was about to cross the next avenue, the unexpected happened.

When they saw the woman trying to reach the other end, a fire truck stopped and they did not hesitate to stop the vehicular traffic, in order to keep the old woman safe, who was crossing with a cane.

The men in red positioned their truck horizontally, blocking one of the lanes. But their support did not end there; rather, all the elements got out of the vehicle to put a human barrier in the next lane and thus help her to arrive safely.

In addition, one of them walked beside her, accompanying her on what was left of her journey. This heroic act did not take long to go viral on social networks, where Internet users have celebrated the action of the firefighters and pointing out that it was an excellent job.