North Korea: President Kim Jong-un stuns with sudden weight loss

North Korean President Kim Jong-un was seen at the year-end plenary meeting in Pyongyang, where issues related to the development of agriculture in the country were discussed, however, what caught the attention of the international press was its new appearance.

According to international analysts, the North Korean leader continues to lose weight, which has led to dozens of theories regarding his state of health. In the images, Kim is seen giving a speech during a Workers’ Party event.

“According to the rules, a finger must be placed between the buttoned top shirt and the collar, and Kim appears to be following this rule,” the Yonhap news agency noted.

However, the article indicates that the president continues to lose more and more weight, since on previous occasions he would not have been able to use a shirt closed to the last button due to his texture.

As recalled, in October of this, a South Korean spokesman said that Kim had lost about 20 kg compared to 2019, however, he did not look as thin as in the current photos, which has rekindled suspicions about his health. .

“Of course, maybe the shirt was cut a little differently, or the full picture was taken from a different angle, but if we look at Kim’s overall appearance, then we must admit that you are losing more and more weightYonhap journalists said.