Nostradamus prophecies for 2022: 4 catastrophic predictions that will affect the world [VIDEO]

A few days before the end of 2021, the entire world has been paralyzed with the chilling prophecies of Nostradamus, the most successful visionary in history. These are his shocking predictions for the coming year.

As is known, the French futurologist has succeeded in correcting 6,300 prophecies over 465 years and his word is highly respected by many seers, as a large part of his predictions have come to be fulfilled.

What will happen in 2022 according to Nostradamus?

According to Nostradamus prophecies, the year 2022 will be a chaotic year and unexpected events will occur. Next, we share with you 4 prophecies of Nostradamus for the next year. It should be noted that the predictions have been analyzed and deciphered by experts in the field.

“Under the opposite Babylonian climate, great will be without shedding”: Experts argue that this prophecy of Nostradamus warns the world about various factors such as: climate change, water scarcity, famine in the world and the possibility of a war between two countries.

“Sacred temples of Roman times will reject the foundations of their foundation”: According to several researchers, Nostradamus would predict the end of the European Union, which recently suffered the departure of Great Britain.

“The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will put another in his kingdom”: A figure of a president or important member of world politics will pass away. Many people assume that it would be Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, while others point to his North American counterpart Joe Biden.

“Around the Big City there will be soldiers housed in fields and suburbs”: In this prophecy, Nostradamus speaks that a powerful city will be the victim of persecution by a rival nation. Many experts point to a European city. The reason? They assume it would be from terrorist activity or the scourge of COVID-19.