Not everything is lost

When you choose to vibrate from love, and feed the divine by committing yourself to the highest purposes that move tenacious work for the common good, it is proposed to polish inferior and servile feelings that only drag along a selfish path, not very empathetic, ignoring who they take for themselves. ahead, forgetting the laws of causes and consequences, even if momentarily you have a victory in your hands. Peace is priceless, there is an old popular saying that goes: “There is no better pillow than a clear conscience.”

The collective, political and religious scandals have been collapsing foundations that seemed solid, as expected with the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, analyzed by others in previous installments. Altars will continue to fall as long as it is not understood that collective psychology continues to demand a radical change, correct thinking is required, impeccable actions, inclusive justice with concrete actions, not siren songs of demagogue politicians, if they are not within the standards required the moment, they will succumb without as much luck as the previous ones.

We are in a society that is profoundly sick from having, and forgetting the urgency of cultivating what one really is. In these times we perceive a generation that defends integrity and equity. Technology that is rapidly becoming more efficient will help to reveal situations that want to be hidden. The new actors must persevere in their objective of overcoming the temptations that overflow in power.