Novak Djokovic: what is the controversy with your dubious participation in the Australian Open without being vaccinated?

The number 1 in the world of tennis, Novak Djokovic is in the news recently, but not because of some record surpassed or a championship obtained, but because of his questioned arrival in Australia, where, at first, he had no problems due to his exemption from vaccine against the COVID-19 But now he remains detained in a hotel awaiting a response from the authorities, so his participation in the Australian Open 2022 is not confirmed.

The Serb has openly declared his opposition to vaccines against COVID-19 Therefore, when traveling to the country of Oceania, he was granted a medical exemption by the authorities, reported the athlete last Tuesday, who arrived to dispute the Australian Open which starts on January 17th.

The country requires foreigners to have two doses of the vaccine to enter its territory, otherwise, they will complete 14 days of mandatory isolation. Although there is a policy of exemptions, which allows them to enter without the need for their vaccination card.

The reasons for getting an exemption are having an acute medical condition, such as myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and having been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 in the last six months.

The authorities allowed their arrival, but the Australian people spoke out against the decision, since they have gone through confinement and various restrictions. What’s more, The country is going through the worst wave of infections since the pandemic began, with more than 72,000 new cases reported last Thursday.

Due to claims of outrage, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, He changed his position and the Serbian’s visa was canceled, in addition, he mentioned that ‘Nole’ would be returned to his country if he did not present proof of legitimate medical exemption.

It is still uncertain whether he will contest the Australian Open so it has caused annoyance in ‘Nole’ and his relatives. Although there are three unidentified tennis players who have entered the country, thanks to the waivers, Australian media reported. For Monday, January 10, the hearing of the Australian Family and Federal Circuit Court so your stay in the country is confirmed until that day.

Although, this Friday, the Minister of the Interior of Australia, Karen andrews responded to the Serbian Foreign Ministry – who described what happened with the tennis player as “indecent treatment” – and said that “Mr. Djokovic he is free to leave at any time he decides to do so and the Border Force will surely facilitate it ”.