“Now are you going to say that the production sent him to Miami?”: Samu destroys Pato and Luciana [VIDEO]

He throws them out without roche. Samuel Suárez referred again to Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster and it is that after issuing new images from his platform Instarandula, did not hesitate to question the words of both about an alleged romance of This is war, What did he say?

“Now what is Patricio going to say? That the production of Esto es Guerra sent him to Miami? That the production told him over the phone, put your hand on his little shoulder, let them get a flat tire, well … what He gave him his little tour of Miami and he already left him? hahahaha “the funny driver said with a laugh.

It should be noted that the couple has been in Miami for a few days, however, yesterday they were playing mystery by hanging photos on the same stage, but leaving the possibility open.

In addition, it should be noted that the model’s birthday will be shortly, so the couple would be deciding what to do together to celebrate the arrival of Luciana’s 23.

Luciana Fuster remembers when her shorts were lowered on EEG: “Patricio was by my side and I almost had a seizure”

The model Luciana Fuster was interviewed for the program ‘More shows’, hosted by the popular ‘chinita’ Jazmín Pinedo, where she revealed what was her worst ‘roche’ on television. According to the model, he had an uncomfortable moment when he first entered This is War, iodine happened in one of the final competitions.

“When I entered EEG there was a competition that was a techno because you had to chop it and go through the center … then, when the gap was more or less like this, they told me go get in”, commented Fuster for the cameras of En’s replacement program. Everyone’s mouth.