“Now you are with mom and they protect me from above”: Danny breaks down and says goodbye to his dad with a meaningful message

Jose Ivan Rosales is the name of Danny Rosales’ father who passed away on Sunday morning, March 26. It was precisely the comedian who informed the general public of the death of his parent, causing sadness in his followers and friends who have known him for several years.

The shock of the news was also replicated in the comedian, because he could not help but be saddened by the departure of his father and, in a video tribute that he made and published on his social networks, it can be seen how the feelings played against him and ended up breaking down when he spoke.

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The member of the programJB on ATVs“He announced that the specialists who treated his loved one told him that the termination was coming soon and, although he prepared himself, like every human being, he could not resist the sadness of seeing his daddy go. He even spoke of a promise he made to her and ended up keeping it in his memory.

Subsequently, danny rosales He pointed out that his father Iván is now at his mother’s side and they will be taking care of him and his grandchildren from a better place.

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Danny Rosales’s parting words to his father

“And yes, the doctors told us that you were going to leave soon, I did not expect it to be so fast. I promised to be strong, but not to break in front of my sisters and I did so. Between hugs and condolences, I had to be strong for myself. granny, your mother, even seeing you in that drawer, my heart broke into a thousand pieces and I promised to be strong until the end,” Danny Rosales began by saying.

“For the second time I say goodbye, first to my mother and now to my father and we have the tradition of being in a white polo shirt and he says goodbye for the last time to his house. See you always, see you soon,” added the comic actor.

“I had to do the last tour, the last time you would see your house. That house that started from scratch, that house that started with mats, with plywood, which was a home that you gave us as a gift that will shelter your children and your grandchildren”, described the comedian.

“I know that now you are with mom and you protect us from above. I also do this video because if you are watching it, I want you to value your father and mother, as the Bible says: ‘Honor your father and your mother.’ Thank you daddy for everything you’ve given us. I knew this was going to be your last birthday, 69 years old, I know one day we’ll see each other up there, rest in peace, daddy,” he said. Rosales.